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Call for Applications: ARHU COVID Research Relief Fund to Support TTK Faculty

Last year, the Dean of the College of Arts and Humanities created a COVID Relief Fund to help support TTK faculty in completing scholarly and creative projects. This special purpose fund will continue this fall, 2021, to help assistant professors and associate professors who have had limited access to materials and other resources they need for projects that are important for tenure and promotion purposes. 

Funds up to $1,000 will be awarded to TTK faculty who can demonstrate a need for funds due to COVID. The project funded must advance faculty’s promotion and tenure goals. Priority will be given to assistant professors but associate professors are eligible as well. Funds must be expended by the end of the 2022 calendar year.

Examples of acceptable requests are: costs for digitization of materials from an out-of-state library or archive; hiring research assistants or archivists at an hourly rate to obtain research materials from an out-of-state museum; postage and shipping to receive materials to your home. Travel is now eligible, provided that it is necessary and essential to completing the research that was stalled due to COVID. Travel must also fit current UMD travel restrictions. This special purpose fund will not support teaching releases, summer salary, or stipends or cash support for any other reasons.

Required Documents:

  1. ARHU Research COVID Relief Fund Application Form: online application form

  2. Project Description (two-page maximum, single-spaced with one-inch margins, at least 11-point font): Detail the project’s objectives and how it will meet tenure/promotion goals. Address how COVID has affected the completion of the project. Then explain how the funds will eliminate the barrier. 

  3. Budget and Justification (two pages maximum): Provide an itemized budget and justify each expenditure. 

  4. You must include documentation (web info or email) from sources outside of UMD confirming proposed costs associated with the project. 

Submission Process:

Complete the application form and upload all required documents via the online application found here. Deadline for the fall is rolling, up through December 17, 2021.

Award Expectations:

Awardees will work with their department budget manager to arrange for payment of itemized costs or reimbursements.

A report (two-page maximum) will be required within a year of award date and should summarize use of funds and how they helped achieve tenure/promotion goals. All awarded funds must be spent by the end of 2022. Funds not spent will be returned to the college. Successful applicants will receive additional guidance in their notification letter.