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Campus Funding

There are a number of competitive funding opportunities offered by the University of Maryland. Many of these are seed grant mechanisms that allow faculty to conduct preliminary research or scholarship that will lead to larger external grant applications. Faculty in the College of Arts and Humanities have been strongly encouraged to apply for each of these, and we encourage you to consider how your work may be eligible for one or more of the following:

1. ARHU Faculty Funds Competition: The College of Arts and Humanities offers funding for conference grants, advancement grants (formerly innovation grants), subvention funding, and tenure-track junior faculty summer fellowships once each semester.  Read more about the grants available and the Call for Proposals below.

  • ARHU Advancement Grants: Up to $5,000 will be awarded to TTK and PTK faculty for projects that advance faculty’s professional advancement in their field and at UMD. Work proposed can be ongoing efforts, a new idea, or the completion of a project. Successful applications must demonstrate 1) how the project meets the faculty member’s professional advancement at UMD, and 2) how the work contributes to the faculty member’s field of study. Funds are intended to support research expenses such as hiring assistants, studio or rehearsal costs, materials, participant incentives, and archives. Funds awarded will not support course releases or classroom-only projects--pedagogical projects must show a link to the faculty member’s scholarly advancement to be considered. Priority will be given to projects that advance promotion goals and/or tenure goals and to applicants who have not won a grant previously.
  • Special Purpose Advancement Grant in Equity and Justice: In addition to the regular Advancement Grants, the Dean will award a special purpose fund as part of the ARHU campaign to address racism, equity and justice. Up to $5,000 will be awarded to projects that demonstrate all of the Advancement Grant criteria listed above, plus directly contribute to equity and/or social justice in one’s field.
  • Subvention Funds: Funds can cover costs required by a publisher that are assigned to faculty, such as reproduction of images and permissions. Up to $2,000 may be requested. TTK and PTK are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to faculty preparing a product for academic promotion or tenure review. In addition to application documents listed below, applications must include 1) a letter from the unit head confirming a match of the amount requested, and 2) a copy of the publisher contract. Subvention won't cover marketing and promotion related costs.

2. Division of Research

  • Maryland Catalyst Fund: The UMD Division of Research Tier Grants program has been revised, and is now the Maryland Catalyst Fund, with several options for faculty to submit proposals. Matching costs are required from your department, the college, or in some combination. Please contact Linda Aldoory, laldoory@umd.edu, if you are planning on requesting matching funds from the college. Deadlines for proposal submission vary, please see more information at the following webpage: https://research.umd.edu/development/MarylandCatalystFund
  • Independent Scholarship, Research and Creativity Awards (ISRCA): Funding opportunity to support faculty pursuing independent scholarly and/or creative projects. Funds up to $10,000 per award to support teaching release, summer salary, and/or research related expenses. Unlike FSRA, ISRCA has no requirement for graduate student involvement. Faculty may not apply for both the FSRA and ISRCA in the same academic year. Deadline: October 1.

3. Graduate School Faculty & Staff Awards 

  • Faculty-Student Research Award (FSRA): Awards $10,000 to support a faculty project that directly involves graduate students. FSRA complements the Independent Scholarship, Research, and Creativity Award (ISRCA) offered by the Office of the Provost and the Division of Research and replaces the former Research and Scholarship Awards (RASA) and Creative and Performing Arts Awards (CAPAA). Unlike FSRA, ISRCA has no requirement for graduate student involvement. Faculty may not apply for both the FSRA and ISRCA in the same academic year. Deadline: October 1.
  • Kirwan Faculty Research and Scholarship Prize: Awards $5,000 in recognition of a faculty member for a highly significant work of research, scholarship, or artistic creativity completed in the recent past. 

4. Graduate Student Fellowships & Grants

    5. Seed Grant Programs: