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External Funding

Intent to Submit Form: Required for faculty to complete when applying for any external funding opportunity and/or any funding request with a matching component. 

See the ARHU External Grant Routing Review Guidelines for what to consider when preparing your proposal and budget.

For all sponsored research, including grants, fellowships, and contracts for which you will be required to provide financial or program reports to the foundation or federal agency sponsor (i.e., anything that is not a gift), the proposal needs to be reviewed by the Office of Research Administration (ORA) before it can be sent to the sponsor. ORA requests proposals to be routed to their office six (6) business days before the proposal submission deadline. Maura Collinge, the ORA Contract Administrator for ARHU, is available to answer questions and assist you as you prepare to route the proposal to ORA (mcolling@umd.edu). 

Prior to being routed to ORA, your proposal will need to be reviewed and approved by the ARHU Dean's office to ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines and UMD sponsored research policies. Advanced notice of forthcoming proposals helps to ensure that the Dean's office will have adequate time for review. Please complete the Intent to Submit form to notify the College of any forthcoming proposals as soon as you have determined you will be submitting.  Please contact Associate Dean for Research Linda Aldoory (laldoory@umd.edu) or Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration Julie Wright (jwright@umd.edu) with questions as you are developing proposals and budgets.

The university’s official routing process is completed online through the Kuali Research (KR) system. Two weeks before the sponsor deadline, faculty working with their department business manager should create and submit their proposal in KR. 

Once a completed proposal is finalized and saved in Kuali Research by the KR initiator, the PI must electronically “certify” it by answering nine questions attesting to the nature of the proposal. After certification, the KR initiator will click “Submit.” At this point, the proposal will be automatically routed to the specified departmental contact (usually the chair), then to the college, and finally to ORA. After the department contact has approved, the Dean’s office will review budgets and budget narratives to ensure compliance with sponsor guidelines and UMD sponsored research policies. Once approved at the Dean’s office, the proposal will be electronically routed to the Office of Research Administration (ORA) for final institutional sign off.   

Separate from internal Kuali Research routing, the final grant submission in the sponsor's application portal should be coordinated between the PI and ORA. (Some sponsors require an authorized official to submit on behalf of the PI, while others ask the PI to submit directly.) The ORA Quick Reference Guide is a useful resource for UMD institutional information often requested on application forms.

The Sponsored Research Handbook provides complete guidance on UMD policies and procedures related to sponsored research.