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ARHU Faculty Funds Competition

The College of Arts and Humanities announces the Fall 2021 Faculty Funds Competition Call for Proposals. All PTK and TTK faculty are eligible for these awards. Deadline for applications is 5 pm Friday, October 15, 2021. Examples of past funded proposals can be found in the ARHU Proposal Library



  • ARHU Advancement Grants: Up to $5,000 will be awarded to TTK and PTK faculty for projects that advance faculty’s professional advancement in their field and at UMD. Work proposed can be ongoing efforts, a new idea, or the completion of a project. Successful applications must demonstrate 1) how the project meets the faculty member’s professional advancement at UMD, and 2) how the work contributes to the faculty member’s field of study. Funds are intended to support research expenses such as hiring assistants, studio or rehearsal costs, materials, participant incentives, and archives. Funds awarded will not support course releases or classroom-only projects--pedagogical projects must show a link to the faculty member’s scholarly advancement to be considered. Priority will be given to projects that advance promotion goals and/or tenure goals and to applicants who have not won a grant previously.
  • Special Purpose Advancement Grant in Equity and Justice: In addition to the regular Advancement Grants, the Dean will award a special purpose fund as part of the ARHU campaign to address racism, equity and justice. Up to $5,000 will be awarded to projects that demonstrate all of the Advancement Grant criteria listed above, plus directly contribute to equity and/or social justice in one’s field.
  • Subvention Funds: Funds can cover costs required by a publisher that are assigned to faculty, such as reproduction of images and permissions. Up to $2,000 may be requested. TTK and PTK are eligible to apply. Preference will be given to faculty preparing a product for academic promotion or tenure review. In addition to application documents listed below, applications must include 1) a letter from the unit head confirming a match of the amount requested, and 2) a copy of the publisher contract. Subvention won't cover marketing and promotion related costs.

Required application documents for ALL submissions:

  1. Project Description (three pages maximum, single-spaced with one-inch margins, at least 11-point font): Summarize the proposed project’s objectives, approach or method, and activities, as well as expected outcomes. Address significance to the field and include a clear argument for how the work fits into promotion/tenure timeline and purpose. For special purpose funding, make clear the contribution to anti-racism, equity, or social justice.
  2. Timeline (one page maximum): List project elements and note when each task will be accomplished during the funding period. Also include timeline for promotion/tenure as it relates to this project.

  3. Budget and Justification (two pages maximum): Provide an itemized budget and justify planned expenditures. All project elements and associated costs should be anticipated. Budget categories will vary depending on the project. Include any other sources of funding and whether those funds are committed or pending.

Submission Process:
Combine all application documents into a single PDF file and submit electronically to the ARHU Application Portal (http://apply.arhu.umd.edu) by 5 pm on October 15, 2021.

Post Award Expectations:
A final report will be required one year after award date, summarizing use of funds and achievements. All awarded funds must be spent within a year of award notification; funds not spent within a year will be refunded to the college. Successful applicants will receive specific guidance on further reporting requirements in their award letter.

Awardees must acknowledge ARHU in any reports, presentations, and materials produced by the funding. Funded projects will be featured on the Maryland Center for Humanities Research website, humanities.umd.edu.

Date of Publication: 
Tuesday, August 03, 2021