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ARHU Dean's Colloquium Series on Race, Equity and Justice

Dean Bonnie Thornton Dill kicked off a Colloquium Series as part of the Campaign on Race, Equity and Justice, hosting a series of faculty experts from ARHU to discuss their scholarship and creative projects related to anti-racism and social justice.

Each session will include a mini-lecture and then a conversation with Dean Thornton Dill, followed by Q and A from participants. Grab a cup of coffee and join the Dean for a conversation with some of ARHU’s leading experts in social justice and anti-racism.

2021-2022 Colloqium Series:

October. 27: Christopher Bonner, associate professor in the Department of History, whose talk is titled "Willis Hodges's Shield: The Meanings of Black Voters." VIDEO

November 19: Janelle Wong, professor in the Department of American Studies, whose talk is titled “At the Crossroad: Black and Asian American Relations in U.S. Politics Today.” Register here.

December 9: Robert Levine, Distinguished University Professor in the Department of English, whose talk is titled “The Failed Promise: Reconstruction, Frederick Douglass and the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.” Register here.

February 17: Alexis Lothian, associate professor in the Harriet Tubman Department of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, whose talk is titled “Fan Fiction, Social Justice and the Politics of Fantasy.” Register here.

March 16: Sahar Khamis, associate professor in the Department of Communication, whose talk is titled “Insights on Countering Islamophobia through Research, Activism and Media Outreach.” Register here.

April 15: La Marr Jurelle Bruce, associate professor in the Department of American Studies, whose talk is titled “How to Go Mad without Losing Your Mind: Toward a Mad Methodology.” Register here.

April 27: Shay Hazkani, assistant professor in the Department of History and Joseph and Rebecca Meyerhoff Program and Center for Jewish Studies, title forthcoming. Register here.

2020-2021 Colloquium Series:

Perla Guerrero, Associate Professor of American Studies

Topic: Latinxs on Both Sides of Inequality and Fighting for Justice
September 16, 9-10 am

Marisa Parham, Professor in English and Director of AADHum
Topic: Purpose, Frivolity, Futures: What, really, is inclusion?
October 6, 9-10am

Scot Reese, Professor in the School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies
Topic: Racial "Battle Fatigue" in black theatre and culture
October 26, 9-10am

Julius Fleming, Jr., Assistant Professor in English
Topic: His book, “Black Patience: Performance, Civil Rights, and the Refusal to Wait for Freedom”
November 6, 9-10am

Tamanika Ferguson, Presidential Post Doc in the Communication Department
Topic: Incarcerated women and media activism
November 17, 9-10 am

Richard Bell, Professor of History
Topic: African American political culture and his book: "Stolen: Five Free Boys Kidnapped Into Slavery and Their Astonishing Odyssey Home"
December 8, 9-10 am

Quincy Mills, Associate Professor of History
Topic: Movement Money: Crises, Relief, and Democratic Practice
February 17, 9-10 am

Mary Corbin Sies, Associate Professor of American Studies; Trevor Munoz, MITH Director; Maxine Gross, President of Lakeland Community Heritage Project; and Lakelands Project team members
Topic: The Lakeland Digital Archive: Toward an Equitable Community/University Collaboration
April 13, 9-10 am

Jessica Gatlin, Assistant Professor of Art
Topic: Interdisciplinary Forms of Resistance
April 29, 9-10 am

GerShun Avilez, Associate Professor in English
Topic: Black radicalism and his book, "Black Queer Freedom: Spaces of Injury and Paths of Desire"
May 6, 9-10 am



The series of talks centers faculty expertise on issues of systemic racism, inequality and social justice.